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We offer DIGITAL TRANSCRIPTION and COPY TYPING SERVICES for Professional Service Businesses

We work for business owners, executives, directors and managers who understand that getting out that important report, on time and to their high standards, is vital to their business.

We work for entrepreneurs, leaders and supervisors who have important accomplishments to achieve during their day and need to spend that time wisely, leaving the stress of typing up surveys, meetings or minutes recorded on digital audio to an expert.

Typically our clients possess expertise in a wide variety of business-related services such as property surveying, insurance, legal and education.

Do these problems seem familiar to you? When to call us…

I just can’t do it all.
As an independent professional, I seem to be spending more time on admin and typing reports, resulting in falling sales. I don’t want to work every evening and weekend to catch up.

You understand that success depends on you spending your quality time doing the right job to make your business flourish; decision making, sales, marketing, service…

We can’t turnaround the transcription work quick enough…
Despite our best efforts with my competent team of admin staff, we still can’t meet the deadlines without losing quality.

You appreciate that you and your team are experts at what you do, but you can only get so much done in one day!

When my admin staff are off sick or on holiday and I’ve hired staff from a temp agency, I’ve not been happy with the results.
It takes time to learn our routines and little ways and we never seem to get the same temp back twice!

You realise that having happy, skilled and experienced staff is what makes your business tick.

I KNOW that I need more administrative help, but I can’t afford more full time staff.
My administrative budget has all but vanished, and just when the company is shifting a gear up a level, I don’t have the resources.

You comprehend the need to get more administrative help, but tailored to YOUR requirements to provide a cost effective result.

My business is Strictly Confidential, and my staff are paramount?
We’ve had the same staff for years and they’re all so totally trustworthy. I’ve been looking for more staff, but I’ve not been happy with those interviewed so far.

You identify that the success of your business depends on honesty, integrity and reliability – no question!

So Will We Get On?

We’re looking for Ideal Clients with specific qualities, qualities that embrace our own ways of thinking, and this is what we’re looking for…

  • Motivation. You’re motivated to change your business for the better, with good spirit, hard work and inspiration.
  • Change. You have the desire to try/learn new things and let go of old behaviour in order to grow outside your comfort zone.
  • Quality beats Quantity. You have the mindset that the best (highest quality) does not always mean the cheapest.
  • Humour. You are willing to work hard, but don’t want to take yourself too seriously. People enjoy your company and good spirits.
  • Belief. For others to believe in your business, you have to believe in it too; and you know that the right investments are what nourish your business to succeed.
  • Focused. You are focused on being the best you can be – for yourself, for your business and for your clients.

So, you may now be wondering how this all works. See for yourself: check out How We Work.